Independent cam girls hit the G-Spot

Move over Paypal.

There’s a new payment processor in town that might well become a cam girl’s best friend. And if that’s not enough, this service provider will also be offering free point-to-point video calls. And get this, the new service provider is none other than Google!

Yes, Google is now starting to roll out Google Wallet which will allow people to send money to other Gmail users as an attachment. How cool is that. This means clients will be able to send money to cam girls simply by sending an email with a money attachment. To be fair, it’s still early days and there’s no indication that the service will be as restrictive as the Paypal terms of use for cam girls. But lets keep our fingers crossed, this could be huge news for independent cam girls and ecommerce in general.

But payment processing isn’t the only pearl in the Google oyster. It seems that Google Hangouts has been quietly upgraded to support HD video calls. We haven’t tested things out to compare their HD quality to that of Skype, but I’m sure a few models will be providing us with feedback soon. And with WebRTC expected to land on both Chrome and Firefox in the near future, things have never looked brighter for indy cam girls. I’m sure that the ability to stream a Google Hangout video feed to a large screen TV over Chromecast can’t be far behind. Yes girls, you’re about to make it to the big screen. Can an Emmy be far behind – who knows!

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