Let’s Help Chaturbate Couple Smoker Fetish Crowd Source a Perfect Wedding

One of the reasons I love watching American couples on Chaturbate is that they just ooze passion for each other. Webcam sex is so much better when the performers are truly in love with each other. Case in point would be Chaturbate couple SmokerFetishThis couple have built somewhat of a cult following on everyone’s favorite cam site, but there’s so much more to this story. In fact, it’s a great love story.

You see, SmokerFetish just recently met in a rather unique way. Anthony was looking for an employee, and Candice was one of the applicants for the job interview. Well, needless to say it didn’t take too long for cupid to strike these two lovebirds in the heart. They look great together, but it’s their chemistry that makes them shine.

Anthony whisked his cinnamon girl to New York where the sang the night away at Karaoke bars and enjoyed a few laughs at some local comedy clubs. And then it happened. After two whirlwind weeks of dating, Anthony proposed to Candice; now, you only need to watch the video below to understand why. Candice is a stunning redhead with a really cool personality to match.

But this is where the story gets interesting. You see, within hours of proposing, Anthony and Candice headed back to their hotel room where they performed their very first Chaturbate show together. It only took one show and they became hooked on the Chaturbate lifestyle where they became somewhat of a fixture.

Now, Chaturbate owes it’s success to the concept of crowd sourced webcam sex shows. Building upon that concept, Anthony and Candice decided to crowd fund her perfect engagement ring using Chaturbate. Within months, the couple had accumulated over 400,000 tokens which Anthony used to buy Candice her dream engagement ring.

But it gets better. Anthony and Candice are now attempting to crowd fund the perfect wedding. And guess what? The couple has already reached over 60% of their goal and are well ahead of schedule. Needless to say, this is one wedding I’d love to attend – I bet the party will be quite the shing ding.

So webcam fans, what do you say – want to be part of the very first Chaturbate crowd funded wedding? To help out, simply visit  http://milliontokenwedding.com/ and get in on this wonderful idea.

So without further delay, It’s time to meet the special couple. I will let them share their story in their own words. From all of us at WebcamSexAdvice.com, we wish you the very best of luck and a long happy marriage!


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