How to monetize your Chaturbate profile page

Chaturbate is a great service for webcam models, but I find it somewhat surprising that most models who perform on the service don’t take full advantage of the great monetization opportunities that their profile page offers.

We already know that models can earn passive income from their profile pages by selling videos and picture sets. And the site recently added the ability to include social networking buttons to help build Twitter and Facebook followings.

But the secret to making more money is to first build your following (always make sure to ask your viewers to follow you), and then find ways to sell your followers additional services and products.

Yes, webcam modelling is lucrative, but models need to leverage their own personal brand to increase their online (and offline) incomes. If you’re not already a Chaturbate model, you can find out more about how to signup with the service here.

Here are a few suggestions you might want to consider to make more money with your Chaturbate profile page:

1) Offer Phone Sex and Erotic Audio Recordings

This is a great way to leverage your following. Services such as will allow you to setup your very own Phone Sex number and website. The hardest part of being an independent phone sex operator is finding clients, but you’ve already got that covered with your Chaturbate following. But the really good news is that you can charge a premium rate for your erotic conversations because your followers will pay a little extra for some quality one on one time with you.

But it gets better. also allows you to sell adult audio recordings on their site. You simply record a few “true sex confessions” type of stories with your microphone (20 minutes is a good length)  and upload them to your phone sex page. Record once, then make money over and over again each time someone buys your latest “sex confession”. You might also consider an ongoing audio sex diary. The idea is to produce content that will keep them coming back for more!

2) Offer and promote Fiverr Gigs. is a site where you can sell small scale freelancing services to an audience of millions of followers. Some of the most popular gigs on Fiverr are audio voice overs and video testimonials. Now, understand that you cannot offer porn or sex on Fiverr, but as an adult model, you can offer services that many others won’t.

An example is voice overs. Lots of people offer custom voice recordings, but they won’t do voice overs for adult content or dating sites. If you post a gig on Fiverr offering “Sexy” voice over services that are “adult friendly”, you will be offering a niche product that will sell well.

Same thing goes for video testimonials. Tons of people offer them, but very few will offer a video testimonial for an adult or dating site. If that’s something you are comfortable doing, offer “adult friendly” video testimonials and watch the orders pile up.

Now gigs are sold for $5 each (hence the name Fiverr) but as you make more sales, you will be promoted to level 2 status which allows you to offer extended services for additional fees – which is where you can really make money on Fiverr.

To get started, simply post a few gigs on, and then promote them on your profile page. It’s that easy!

3) Sell non-competitive ad space

The currency of electronic commerce is eyeballs. Advertisers want to get their ads in front of as many eyeballs as they can. And guess what? When you are performing, you have a lot of eyeballs looking at you! But are you selling to them? If not, you should be.

Tons of webmasters would love to have their sites or products promoted in front of a live audience. In fact, if you’re a popular and established Chaturbate performer with an average audience of 500+ viewers, this blog would pay you $40 to post our banner on your profile page, or to mention our site at regular intervals during your prime time webcam shows (but holding up a sign with our website name and encouraging viewers to visit us).

So how do you find potential advertisers? Simply by posting your promotional wares on adult webmaster boards such as XBIZ.NET or  GFY.comThere are dozens of adult webmasters boards our there – just search for them on Google and post your ads!

An important note is to not promote services that compete with Chaturbate. You can imagine that that would not go over well with the staff there!

4) Promote cool stuff with affiliate links

Check out The site features some really cool and unique T-Shirts. And they offer affiliates $5 for every shirt they sell. Simply signup as an affiliate and buy one of their coolest t-shirts. Wear it during one of your shows, and then mention where you purchased it by sending our your affiliate link in chat mode.

Remember what we said in tip #3 – eyeballs are a valuable currency. I used t-shirts for this example, but you can find tons of product manufacturers (sex toys, books, lingerie) who will pay you a commission for every order you refer. So why not promote a few products during your cam shows. You’ll be surprised how many orders you can generate!


Chaturbate offers tons of great opportunities to earn extra money using your profile page. But you can also promote things while you perform. It’s all about leveraging your personal brand to it’s full potential.

Do you have any promotional ideas of your own? If so, feel free to share them in our comments section.

UPDATE: Upon reviewing the Chaturbate terms of service, it seems that you can only promote services that are billed for using tokens. As an example, you can promote phone sex services as long as you bill the customer using Chaturbate tokens. This is the case for any service you promote via your profile page.


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