Review: – A vacation sex video diary worth watching is not just another porn site – it’s an adventure. Misha and Yan are a young attractive couple who love to travel the world. I’m not sure I would call them exhibitionists, but they do love to have sex outdoors in exotic locations. They also seem to have a thing for sex on public transportation systems and ski lifts.

Seems that wherever they travel, they make a point of bringing their video camera along for the ride. The site isn’t just about great porn, it’s actually a pretty good travel site as well. And this isn’t some big corporate site either. Misha and Yan produce the content and run the entire website by themselves. Pretty impressive stuff.

Sure, you’ll surf over for the videos and photos, but there’s so much more here. Their blog and travel diaries are a great read, and the site also features an honest look at their real day to day lives.

So if you’re into reality TV, you’ll probably enjoy what Misha and Yan bring to the table here. You’ll grow to love them and look forward to their next trip and sex adventure. It’s like the Amazing Race without the race and lots of sex.

So take a minute and head on over to OpenLoveSite – you’ll enjoy what you find, I guarantee it.


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