3 technologies that will take cybersex to the next level


The interactive sex industry is thriving, with sites such as Chaturbate and MyfreeCams soaking up increasing levels of adult traffic. But the best is yet to come. The following three technologies are going to revitalize and revolutionize the webcam sex industry. And this revolution will ignite a resurgence in advanced cybersex technologies.

Technology #1 – 802.11ac wireless networking

Let’s face it, the biggest roadblock to smooth HD video delivery is the home wireless network. 802.11n just doesn’t have the speed required to properly deliver HD video streams. Problem is, people enjoy consuming content on their iPads, and few sites are able to offer reliable streaming on that platform (with the exception of Flirt 4 Free, which steams very well on the iPad and also supports Airplay). But that’s all about to change. The next generation of tablets will support the much faster 802.11ac wireless standard, and those devices will stream HD video like cutting through butter. And trust me, HD video will bring take interactive video chats to the next level.

Technology #2 – WebRTC

Flash currently rules on cam sites, but it’s days are numbered. Sites are already moving towards HTML5 video streaming, as we’ve seen with Chaturbate and Flirt 4 Free. And more will soon follow this trend. But there’s more to it than that. Increasingly, more and more people are meeting up on video dating sites such as SexPlayCam to arrange anonymous cam to cam video dates using Skype. But that action may soon bypass Skype altogether as WebRTC will enable native video streaming right from your web browser. But that’s just the beginning, as the technology will probably become as ubiquitous as Skype is today.

Technology #3 – Next generation gaming consoles

We all know that Skype is coming to the new Xbox One. And we’re talking about decent quality Skype calls using the HD Kinect as a camera. Same goes for the new Sony Playstation; it will most certainly deliver similar capabilities using their own camera accessory. So why does this matter? After all, we can all do Skype today on our phones, iPads and computers. Well, when it comes to HD cybersex, size matters. Cam girls look good on the small screen, but they look amazing on a large screen in HD resolutions. Throw in a headset for clear audio and you’ve got an interactive sex encounters unmatched by today’s standards.

These technologies will all become mainstream over the next six to twelve months. A cybersex revolution will soon be upon us – but will the adult industry be ready to deliver the goods? I think they will. If history is any indicator, the porn industry has a pretty good track record when it comes to adopting cutting edge technologies. And with traditional porn sales in free fall, the industry will be quick to move to any new platform that will not only help recoup lost revenues, but increase future profits to whole new levels.


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