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Don’t forget to vote for your favourite Chaturbate model. Let’s help one of the girls win the Cyber Hustla Webcam Girl of the Year award.


Time to catch up on what’s new over at

For starters, we would like to congratulate Chaturbate performer OnlyOnce1111 for scoring an 111,111 token tip on her birthday. For those keeping tabs, that amounts to about $5,500, give or take a few tokens.

Take note girls, there are some big spenders on Chaturbate, if you’re not performing there, you’re missing out.

Click here for information on how to become a Chaturbate model. Guys, Girls and even couples are welcomed to sign up.

Not everyone can afford to give out $5000+ tips to their favorite cam girls, so some turn to more creative ways to show their appreciation.


Chaturbate fan Spanky Woods whipped out his guitar and wrote a fun song about seeing his girl on Chaturbate. It’s actually a pretty decent tune – you can here it by clicking on the following Youtube video.

In other news, the Fanny’s is a fan based award show taking place April 20, 2013 at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino and Resort in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The preliminary nominations took place earlier this month and we’re happy to announce that six Chaturbate models made it to the finals. The following models are in the running for the Cyber Hustla  (Webcam Girl Of The Year) award.

Lucky_Starr, Livihumanity, SashaPain, Hot_Milfy_Mom aka RoseRedwood, & MaryXXXJane. Congratulations on your nominations and best of luck at the show!

In terms of performers news, Chaturbate continues to work hard to make their site on the best destinations for adult webcam models. The service will soon introduce a direct deposit feature which will allow performers to directly transfer their earnings into their bank accounts. No more waiting for checks in the mail.

We already know that Chaturbate has a huge audience. A few weeks ago, performer MaryXXXJane surpassed the 30,000 follower mark. Imagine what this means in terms of earnings. Every time she comes online to perform, over 30,000 guys get an email notifying them that she’s online. That’s the beauty of Chaturbate, their system is built from the ground up to help cam girls grow their audience and earnings.

Can it possibly get any better – yes it can. I’ve saved the best for last.

Chaturbate now allows performers to include HTML tags on their bio pages (profiles). This is very big news. This means you’ll be able to use the IMG and HREF tags to post images with links back to your own site, or maybe an Amazon gift registry. I haven’t tried this yet, but maybe you could even embed  your own g-rated Youtube video and earn adsense revenue on the views. The possibilities here are quite interesting and I’m sure we’re going to see some original implementations in the weeks ahead.

That’s all for now. Remember, you can sign up to be a Chaturbate model using the Chaturbate Model Sign up Form, or for those who prefer to watch, you can see a full listing of who’s online right now.


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