Sugar Daddy Dating site with a Twist

Sugar Daddy Dating

Sponsor For Me is a fresh new concept similar to Sugar Daddy dating sites – but with a twist! is introducing a revolutionary new way of finding successful mates online.

Unlike typical Sugar Daddy dating sites, a SPONSOR can be either a man or a woman (so yes, Sugar Mommies are welcome to join!). You only need to be able and willing to provide some kind of support to your date. This can be monetary, emotional, or both. It might even be a Skype cam to cam date. You and your Sponsee choose what the parameters of your rendez-vous will be.

Anybody can become a SPONSEE  – college girls, people who are just getting started in life, women or men wishing to supplement their income, or even people who aren’t looking for money but would love some emotional support or free fine dining – the possibilities are endless.


Please note that SponsorForMe prohibits its members from offering or soliciting money in exchange for sex. Please carefully read their terms of use before joining.

And yes ladies, the service is 100% free for women – in fact, for a limited time, women are paid to join!

Check them out at


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