iPad Webcam Sex done right – also works with Android


iPad Webcam Sex

Flirt 4 Free now supports webcam sex on the iPad – and it’s looks fabulous!

Flirt4Free is now 100% compatible with both Android and IOS tablets. Webcam sex on the iPad has never looked so good. We were blown away by the quality of the live video feeds. I mean, we’ve seen some pretty good looking webcam sex on the iPad, but this took us by surprise.

The video was just that good, in fact it rivaled the desktop experience in terms of frame rates. And this was on an iPad 2 – I can just imagine what these cam girls would have looked like on a retina display. The iPad support here is quite good. You can expand the video window so that it fills the whole screen, or for a larger than life experience, you can airplay you favorite cam girl over Apple TV and watch her on the big screen. How cool is that – perfect entertainment for your next bachelor party.

This will no doubt set the bar for what consumers will demand in terms of quality webcam sex on their tablets.

But this isn’t just about webcam sex on an iPad. The site is also looks great on the iphone and any Android tablet. This is very nice technology – HTML5, we love you!

As for pricing, the site fully supports crowd sourced sex shows, which mean you can pool your credits with other users and enjoy a live sex show for only a few dollars. And as always, you can hang out in free chat and shoot the breeze with your favorite cam girl.

Fire up your iPad and have a look at this beauty for yourself. And for those of you old school desktop users, the site is still 100% compatible with your favorite browser.

Check them out at Flirt4Free.com


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