Why I Love Being an Independent Cam Girl

Independent cam girl blog

Jesse Quinn has started a new blog for both independent cam girls and their customers.

I’ve been an independent cam girl for about four years now, and like most cam girls I started out working on the network cam sites. I had a lot of fun on the cam sites and met a ton of wicked guys who I still play with to this day, but about a year in I realized I needed to do something new. I had just started my first job in my ‘vanilla’ (non adult) career and I was finishing my last year of school at the same time. As much as I enjoyed webcam modelling (and the money it brought me) I simply no longer had time to devote to free chat cam sites. I was planning on quitting webcam modelling but I started to do some research instead, and stumbled across a (now defunct) listing site for independent cam girls. The more I read the more I excited I became; I knew this was the niche for me.

After reading as much as I could about independent webcam modelling, I decided to jump in head first. I have an “all or nothing” type of personality that way. Now, 3 years later I have built a successful independent cam girl business that I love. I like the fact that I control my advertising and how I choose to interact with my playmates. I LOVE the fact that I never have to sit in a free chat room. The money is pretty decent too, of course!  Being independent involves far more work that I originally anticipated but in my opinion it’s worth every moment. I’ve always preferred to do things for myself rather than to rely upon others, and independent cam modelling suits that character trait perfectly. I build my own websites, I find my own customers, and I do my own cam shows, all on my own terms. While I strongly believe in the importance of forging relationships with my peers and with the great companies that operate within this niche of the adult webcam industry, ultimately my decisions and my adult modelling career itself are my own.

More than anything I love the freedom that being an independent cam girl affords me, and while it took time I’ve built a business that is far more successful than I ever dreamed possible. My new mission is to introduce independent webcam modelling to as many cam customers as possible who frequent the network cam sites. This is still a fairly young niche of the adult webcam industry and those of us who care about this niche need to get the word out there. Independent webcam modelling is ideal for both cam girls and their customers, and I want everyone to know why. To that end I’ve created a Skype Cam Girl Blog to introduce independent cam girls and independent cam modelling to a broader range of cam sex aficionados. I’ve worked as an exclusively independent cam girl for long enough to know that independent webcam modelling is perfect for cam girls with a deep entrepreneurial spirit and for cam customers who want highly personalized cam shows designed to their unique tastes and desires. Simply put, I love this niche and I believe in it, and I can’t imagine being a cam girl in any other way.

Independent cam girls for the win, always.

Quinn69 is an independent cam girl from Toronto, Canada who loves the freedom that running her own independent cam girl business affords her.


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