Fun cam to cam sex games

cam to cam sex

Cam to cam sex over Skype can be lots of fun – here are some ideas to get you started

Ok, so you’ve met a sexy woman on and you’re ready to take your cam to cam Skype chats to the next level.

You’re getting along well and have had some nice stimulating conversation – maybe even phone sex. But now you want to break the ice and get a little more visual.

Assuming that you’re both consenting adults looking for cybersex, and you’ve set limits on how much you’re willing to share with each other, you’re pretty much ready to get started.

Always remember to protect your confidentiality, even if it means only showing from the neck down, or the use of masks or glasses and wigs. Hey, it’s all about fantasy, have fun with it!


Before you start, you’ll both need a deck of cards, a comfortable chair (or bed), decent lighting and lots of courage! This cam to cam sex game isn’t for the Bashful. Both participants start off fully clothed – in fact, the more clothes the better, as it makes the game more interesting, so dress in layers.

Each player shuffles their deck of cards, then draws the top card. Whoever draws the lowest card must remove an article of clothing. Repeat the process until one participant is fully nude. Add some extra fun by wagering on the outcome. Whoever wins the game gets to see the other participant in the nude, but as the winner must masturbate on cam while the loser watches. You get the idea.


This is great fun if you meet a woman who’s somewhat dominant, or very sexually confident. And it’s a real fun experience when performed cam to cam.

The idea here is that the woman is in total control and remains clothed for the entire scenario. The man, on the other hand, is present for only one purpose – and that’s to follow orders. He starts the scenario fully clothed as well.

The session starts with the female participant giving instructions to her male CFNM partner. He is to follow orders, and not speak unless asked to. Me must also not reach orgasm until told. The female is in total control here.

She can start by asking her clothed subject to stand up and turn in place so she can inspect his body. She can then request that her remove his top, so she can see his chest. Moving along, she will have her playmate strip down to his underwear. Once satisfied, she will allow her subject to touch himself in order to achieve and erection. The subject will then be asked to get completely naked and turn in place to be inspected. He will then be asked to pleasure himself until orgasm while she watches.

Great webcam sex starts with a great imagination

I hope you enjoyed this article. Webcam to webcam sex encounters can be lots of fun if performed with a willing partner. You can meet lots of men and women seeking webcam sex using adult video dating sites such as


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