These CFNM girls will tease you until you cum – in HD

CFNM Tease Videos

This is a special treat for CFNM fans – pre-recorded tease and release videos.

I love when people introduce cybersex products that bring something new and exciting to the table. While I do prefer all things live, sometimes people are able to throw together some pre-recorded material that is truly unique.

Such is the case with Cum Countdown. The site features cute girls who love to tease men until they cum. The idea is to not experience orgasm until they tell you to. Try to think of it as an interactive CFNM experience, but one that’s been pre-recorded.

Now, this may not sound all that exciting to you – but here’s the kicker. These videos are shot in very high resolution HD and the girls are very close up to the camera. The result is quite amazing. When viewed full screen, it actually feels like the girls are right in the room with you – the video quality is that good.

And these girls don’t just site there and ohh and ahh – they know their craft. This is tease and release at it’s very best. There are a large number of scenarios to choose from, and most of them will have you begging to cum before the session is over.

This is one very erotic product. It will be of particular appeal to CFNM fans. Enjoy!



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