The Tao of Badass – 10 Simple Steps to attract women

The Tao of Badass

A best selling guide to show you how to attract and approach women.

I’m going to try something a bit different today. I usually blog about cyber sex services and products, but today I want to discuss what happens when you do hookup with a woman. What do you say, how do you begin a conversation – and most importantly, how to you keep her interest and get her to really dig you.

It’s not easy to approach a woman, whether in a public setting or online,

Some of us are shy, others fear rejection or just plain freeze up at the thought of engaging in a conversation with a pretty women. But guess what – some women feel the same way, and all that’s needed is a practical guide at how to break the ice and engage in fun and easy going conversation.

There are tons of dating advice ebooks out there, but online one stands head and shoulders above the rest. A book that’s be features on talk shows and TV.

I want to introduce everyone to The Tao of Badass, a best selling guide to how to approach women and get them to like you. The ebook and videos provides practical advice on tons of topics, including:

  • The Best Way to Keep a Conversation Going
  • Best Ways to Stop a Woman on the Street
  • The Top 5 Ways Men Kill Attraction
  • The Best Ways to Land that First Kiss
  • Top 5 Ways You Can Tell if a Woman is Attracted to You
  • How to Make a Woman Approach You
  • How to Overcome Your Fear of Approaching Women
  • The Best 5 Ways to Pass a Woman’s Congruence Tests
  • The Top 5 Reasons Men Get Rejected

Now the guys behind the Tao of Badass aren’t just some self proclaimed dating gurus, these guys have been profiled on many talks shows and have their own show on Satellite Radio – they are the real deal. Here’s a Youtube video about their rise to stardom in the world of dating advice.

To get more information on their eBook, check out their video at The Tao of Badass


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