The perfect solution for independent cam girl payment processing

Independent cam girl Jesse Quinn offers sound advice on the topic of payment processing

Independent cam girl Jesse Quinn offers sound advice on the topic of payment processing

When starting out as independent  cam girl using Skype and Yahoo, there are lots of different decisions involved, one of the most important being how one handles payment processing. I’d like to talk a little bit about payment processing options, particularly as they relate to independent (indie) listing sites.

While some indie cam girls prefer to use their own payment processing accounts through services such as Zombaio and CCBill, many cam girls choose to use the payment processing offered by an indie listing site. Throughout my years as an independent cam girl I’ve used a mix of both with great results, but there are pros and cons to both options. The main ‘pro’ of being fully independent with my own payment processing is obviously that no one but the payment processing company takes a portion of the proceeds, but payment processing can also be a hassle to set up, and in the case of CCBill, expensive upfront. In choosing to use the payment processor of an indie listing site, the site receives a percentage of each show booked, but the site also handles the set-up of the account and any issues that arise in operating that account.

One of the most important considerations for any indie cam girl thinking about selecting listing site payment processing is how the payment processing of the site operates. While some sites act as a middle-man of sorts between the payment processing company and you, other sites are designed so that your portion of each payment is sent to you directly from the processor. This latter system is ideal, as it offers indie cam girls protection from potentially unscrupulous site owners who would simply collect your payments and run off with your money. That situation is thankfully quite rare, but it has happened in the past. In selecting sites that act as a middle-man between you and your funds, research the company before you join, find out how long it has been in operation, and speak to other indie cam girls who work the site to find out what their experiences have been. Is the site owner easy to reach? Does he or she respond promptly to questions and demonstrate that they care about their business? Does the site have a long record of acting responsibly and paying promptly and in full? There are some great sites out there run by professionals who care about their businesses, but always remember that anyone can create a website and get a payment processing merchant account. Research is vital in ensuring that you have signed up to a listing site that will treat you well and pay you the money you are due. Selecting a middle-man style listing site isn’t an inherently bad option, it’s simply an arrangement that needs to be entered into carefully, and with due diligence.

As stated above, sites that select a style of payment processing wherein you receive your payments directly from the processor offer indie cam girls slightly more security in terms of guaranteeing your receipt of your funds. One company in particular that I worked with, CamGirlServices, offers both Zombaio and CCBill subaccounts, and also offers free web site creation and hosting services to cam girls who don’t wish to design and operate their sites themselves. While I fully created and operate my own independent cam girl website, I continue to use their ‘no-upfront fee’ CCBill processing as an option available to customers. I highly recommend this company as an option for any cam girl who possesses the skills to attract and maintain a customer base but doesn’t wish to pursue their own independent payment processing. Indie camming is not easy (it involves much time and effort to build and maintain a sustainable business), but payment processing doesn’t need to be a hassle.

I hope you all find this helpful in delving through the vast array of payment processing options out there. While creating a successful indie camming business is by definition an independent journey, there are great companies out there that serve as amazing resources.

Happy Camming J.


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