How to hide your online identity and surf the web anonymously


Anonymous web surfing

The most secure way to hide your online identity and surf the web anonymously

HideMyAss is a great product. It’s an easy to use VPN software service that installs in seconds and completely hides your online activity from prying eyes. Regardless if you’re using a web browser, email client or any other internet application – you can switch too anonymous mode with a simple click of a button.


This is great for those who love to surf for porn, especially if you’re staying in a hotel that uses public WIFI that can be traced back to your room. Enjoy the freedom and anonymity knowing that your online activities are being shielded behind over 38,000 unique IP addresses located in 53 countries.

But this product isn’t just for surfing porn. If you’re outside of the United States, you can use it to watch US Netflix or Hulu. And if you download torrent files, this will keep your file sharing activities from being throttled by your ISP, and your web traffic will be invisible to them as well.

HideMyAss has no bandwidth limitations and is extremely fast. I really like the fact that it’s super easy to install and use. One simple click secures your internet connection and makes all your online activities invisible.

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