The DropCam is the perfect device for iPad and iPhone webcam sex shows

Dropcam iPhone iPad Webcam Sex

The Dropcam makes it easy for cam girls to offer webcam sex shows to iPad and iPhone users

So what is a DropCam, and how can it help you make more money?

In a nutshell, it’s a high quality HD webcam that connects directly to your WIFI network and allows you to broadcast video to any device (PC, iPhone, iPad, Android etc) without the need for a computer or complicated software setup. Just plug it in, give it your network credentials, and you’re live. It’s that easy. Truly plug and play. But it gets better. The unit also features two way audio and night vision, so it’s perfect for interactive webcam sessions with clients who can download the free viewer app on either the Apple or Google play stores. Some buyers purchase several units, as it’s the perfect tool to setup a voyeur house. The monetization possibilities for these devices is quite exciting.

When it comes to sharing video, the Dropcam offers several exciting options. By default, your video is private, but it doesn’t have to be. You can easily share your video feed by sending a secure link to one person at a time. Or you can make it public on the Internet. It’s as easy as checking off a box.

This is a great device for independent cam girls and the video quality is very impressive. And it’s the perfect device when it comes to offering webcam sex shows to the ever growing number of iPad, iPhone and Android users. For $150, it’s a real steal and so easy to implement!


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