Logitech introduces new battery powered WiFi webcam

Logitech WIFI Webcam

Logitech is set to introduce a wireless webcam with built in battery.

This interesting little gadget just turned up on Engadget and although details are scare, it seems like it might be a fun tool for cam girls and their fans.

What you’re looking at is a wireless WIFI webcam (HD we assume) with a built in rechargeable battery for total portability. Just take this sucker into the bathroom and boom – instant shower shows. No word yet on if the camera is compatible with the Mac or PC (or both).

Rumors are that the device will sell for about $180. That might be a comfortable price point for cam girls who feel a need to un-tether from  their computer in order to offer a greater variety of webcam shows. Expect to see this cam on store shelves sometime this fall.


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