The Delights of Skype Sex on an Ipad: What Every Adventurous Webcam Sex Enthusiast Must Know

Quinn69 Independent webcam girl

Jesse Quinn now offers Skype webcam sex shows for iPad and iPhone users using the Skype app. Click on her pic for more details.

What do you need to have an amazing skype webcam sex experience? You need to be in the mood to play and have someone hot on the other end of the call who shares your idea of a wicked time, of course, but you also need privacy. That’s where using skype on an ipad really comes in handy. I’ve been an independent cam girl using skype for my webcam sex shows for years now, and since the skype ipad app was introduced, I’ve played on cam with men (and women) in beds, hotel saunas, army barracks, bathtubs, even outdoors (for a little extra touch of naughtiness).

When using an ipad for your skype cam shows, you’re not stuck behind a desktop computer, and you don’t need to worry about finding a place to balance your laptop. You simply prop up your ipad (or hold it to control the view that’s seen on the other end of the call) and you’re good to go. One thing I really appreciate about skype cam shows with men on an ipad is that the ipad essentially IS the camera, offering a much larger range of view than would a typical built-in laptop webcam. Sex is mental, physical and it is visual, so being able to easily adjust the view of your webcam simply by shifting the ipad slightly makes skype sex only that much more fun.

If you’ve never used skype on your ipad before, check out this handy little tutorial that should answer any technical questions you may have: As you can see, it’s pretty easy to set up, particularly if you’re familiar with using skype. I actually used an ipad for my independent cam girl webcam shows for about a week this past summer, while my regular computer was in the shop. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video, and the audio quality was on par with what I’ve experienced on my usual desktop and laptop. With skype, regardless of what type of computer you use, the strength of your internet connection will have much more of an impact upon the quality of your skype video calls than will the particular technology you’re using to make those calls.

With the introduction of the skype app, you and your ipad are ready to enter the wicked and wonderful world of independent skype sex shows. If you’ve never had a skype cam show before, visit my site at and read up on how independent skype cam shows work, then grab your ipad and prepare to get a little wild!


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