Cam Girls – Practical tips to grow and monetize your Twitter following

Twitter tips for cam girls

Twitter can be a cam girls best friend. Let us show you how to make the most of this great promotional tool.

Twitter is a great tool for cam girls. Not only does it help you keep in touch with your fans, it helps you amass a valuable commodity – followers who are adult consumers. Your twitter fans are pre qualified prospects for adult products, which means they are seen as a valuable advertising commodity by the adult industry.

Here’s 5 great ways to make money with your Twitter following:

Pay 4 Tweets

Register your Twitter account with Pay 4 Tweets. This service will allow prospective advertisers to buy sponsored tweets from you. The trick here is not to be greedy. Charge between 25-50 cents per 1000 followers and you should do well. Remember, it’s not about one big sale, it’s about lots of little sells that add up in the end.


Adult Webmaster Forums

There are lots of adult webmasters who are always looking for new ways generate traffic. In fact, big box cam sites are always looking for new prospective customers and are willing to pay good bucks for them. Join a few adult webmaster forums such as GFY, Xbiz, JustBlowMe and AskDamageX (there are many more, just Google Adult Webmaster Forum for a complete list). Post a message offering webcam/voyeur niche tweets for $1 a pop. You’ll be surprised at how many takers you get. And these transactions would probably be Paypal safe (check first) – but most adult webmasters have Paxum and Payoneer accounts.

Tips for growing your Twitter following:

If you have your own website, add a widget or Twitter button to your main web page. If you don’t have a website, add a Twitter button to your profile pages on any cam sites you work on (note – only if the site operators allow this).

Join the Cam Girl Twibe. This is a Twitter group that helps both cam girls and their fans get in touch with each other. A great way to get some exposure for your Twitter account.

If you’re a member of Cam Girl Services, you can share your Twitter account with hundreds of men who are webcam sex fans.

One of the best ways to grow your Twitter following is to exchange shoutouts with other cam girls. In other words, you recommend my Twitter account, and I will do the same. This is a really easy way to quickly gain new followers.

Grow and retain your followers

Once you start growing your Twitter feed, it’s important to retain your fans. Don’t be spammy or over tweet your fan base. That will turn them off and they will unfollow you. If you have a blog, tweet about any new post. If you’re sell picture sets or videos on Chaturbate or MyFreeCams, tell your followers about any new content you post. Search the web for fun and sexy news items and tweet to the source article. The trick is, keep the tweets to a maximum of 5-10 a day, and make sure they are fun to read.


I will send a prime time evening shoutout to my 1000+ followers for any cam girl who recommends our Twitter feed @AdultWebcamDate to their following.

Simply Tweet “If you’re a webcam sex fan, you’ll probably like this Twitter feed @AdultWebcamDate“. When I see the tweet, I will return the favor withing 24 hours. I will recommend both your Twitter account and website.

Let’s all work together and grow our traffic – the free way!


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