Why the iPhone 5 is a great device for webcam sex fans

LTE iPhone 5

With fast LTE connections and a 720P front facing camera, the iPhone 5 is the perfect device for webcam sex on the go.

Is the iPhone 5 the device that will finally bring webcam sex to the mobile masses? It just might be.

The latest member of the iPhone family now supports Facetime over wireless data. That means better quality, stutter free video on the go. But that’s not all. This baby can deliver data over LTE at amazingly fast rates, so expect much more fluid video delivery from iPhone / iPad cyber sex sites such as Sexier.com and CamContacts.

But there’s more. The front facing camera now packs a 720P shooter, so you can broadcast your unmentionables in full HD greatness. And great news boys, you can now take full length panoramic shorts of your Johnson to impress the ladies! And girls, we should also note that the rear lens now takes great shots in low light conditions. Just remember to turn off the geo-tagging feature before sharing your pics.

For those into phone sex – or should I say, iPhone sex, this little puppy now offers much better sound over a wider audio spectrum, so expect each moan to sound, well, more life like.

Expect a few cam girls to line up along with the regular geeks on shipping day. Hey, what a better place to drum up future business prospects!


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