10 great tips for cam girls from a guys perspective

Cam girl tips

10 great ideas to take your webcam modeling career to the next level.

1- Men love to watch and good lighting matters – a lot!

Want to draw lots of attention to yourself and your webcam feed – go out and buy a couple of floor lamps to add extra lighting to you performance area. Guys love a well lit cam girl. Performing in a room with light colored walls also helps as the ambient lighting will reflect off those surfaces as well. Bonus points if you perfect on white sheets, as the contrast will help focus the attention on you.

2- Men want to see you dressed and natural.

I know, this seems to go against what many cam girls think men want. But it’s true. Men love the girl next door type with a bubbly personality. It really turns them on to see what you look like in your day to day clothes. Just chatting with them wearing nothing more than jeans and a t-shirt sets a relaxed, warm and welcoming tone. Once they connect with you on a personal level, they’ll want to see you naked even more. So don’t be so quick to slip into some lingerie.

3- Men want you to interact with them and be inquisitive.

You’ve got a great body, but guess what? It’s your personality men are interested in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and interact on subjects other than sex. Ask men if they’ve travelled much, what sports they like, what kind of movies they watch. Men love to talk about themselves, and these types of conversations will help create a more personal bond. And don’t be afraid to ask them why they were attracted to you. Positive reinforcement works both ways.

4- Men love full body shots.

Forget the close ups. Stand back and let the men see you from head to toe – both clothed, and naked. Be proud of your body, give the guys a slow twirl with a bit of “want some of this” attitude. Men love women who are confident with both their mind and bodies. But they really love to be able to see you from head to toe. And don’t just do it lying down, stand up and pose for them. That drives them wild.

5- Be natural and never fake it.

Be yourself. Keep the moaning at a natural level. Men can tell right away when you’re faking it,  and that’s a major turn off. Talk to your clients, tell them how excited you are to perform naked for them. Involve them in your performance. Ask them what they want to see you do, and how they want you to do it. Let them direct you. Men love to be empowered.

6- Great audio helps you connect on a more personal level.

Video is only half the battle. Audio is what let’s you connect with clients on a deeper level. Invest in a discreet, wireless bluetooth headset. Wear it and encourage your clients to slide on a pair of headphones. Explain to them that you want to please both their eyes and their ears. Trust me, when your client experiences the magic of hearing your every breath, your every moan and your captivating voice, he’ll be hooked for another session. Because great audio makes your webcam  session better than the competitions.

7- And don’t forget, audio is a two way street.

Encourage your clients to get in on the chat – as much as he’ll enjoy listening to your voice, you’ll also enjoy hearing his accelerated breathing and moans as you perform for him. And let’s face it, the more turned on you get, the more positive feedback he experiences. This is truly a circumstance where you can both feed off each others passion. And that’s what makes for a memorable cybersex experience.

8- Massage your man on cam

Got a boyfriend or husband? Get a massage table, load up on good lighting and give him a live sex massage he’ll never forget. And don’t worry if he’s camera shy – it doesn’t matter – leave his face off cam, or have him wear a mask. Wear a headset and talk to your clients as you massage your better half’s cock. Watch as your viewer count goes through the roof. Then when the time comes (no pun intended), invite your viewers to voyeur mode and cash in on a nice oral happy ending.

9- Keep your clothes on – and don’t take them off

More and more men are seeking live CFNM webcam shows. CFNM stands for Clothed Woman Naked Male, a niche that caters to men who want women to watch them masturbate via webcam. In this scenario, clients are exhibitionists and want to experience the vulnerability of being caught masturbating. They want to connect with cam girls who can talk to them and direct them to perform various acts until they are ready to come. Yes, it’s a reverse cam show – and it sells!

10- Always give them a little more than they paid for.

Never be in a rush at the end of a show. Always space out shows by at least 10 minutes. Use this time to ask your client if they enjoyed the show, and what if anything you could improve upon. Once you have their feedback, take a minute to tell them how much you enjoyed performing for them, and what you really enjoyed about them as a client. Flattery may not always get you everywhere, but it might just be the difference that helps you book a second show.

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