What Does It Really Mean To Be An Independent Cam Girl?

Independent cam girl Quinn

Jesse shares practical advice for cam girls thinking of going independent. It’s a worthwhile move if you’re willing to put in the extra time and effort.

This question popped into my head recently as I was reading a post on a forum I frequent. A cam girl who had decided to jump into indie (independent) camming wasn’t having much success, and as a result she described herself as a ‘failure’. Now in truth she wasn’t and isn’t a ‘failure’- far from it! Rather, she had made the mistake a lot of cam girls make in trying out indie camming by simply putting up a profile listing on a few sites and expecting the money to come rolling in. What is sometimes difficult  to understand when just starting out is how different indie camming is from what I call ‘big box’ camming, wherein one simply logs onto a cam network website and greets the visitors who enter one’s free chat room.  Indie camming isn’t like that. In our niche WE have to find our own customers. WE have to run our own businesses and make strategic choices that further our own unique, individual circumstances and goals.

I think the main difference between being an indie cam girl and being a ‘big box’ cam girl really comes down to how we perceive ourselves. With big box camming, the cam girl is a cam girl first and foremost, entertaining her clients during webcam sex shows. We indie cam girls do that as well, of course, but to succeed we need to wear many hats.  As an indie cam girl I conceptualize my job description as equal parts promoter, writer, photographer, webmaster and cam girl. Each aspect is vital. I could be the best cam girl in the world, but I won’t book shows unless my pictures and writing are provocative, my website runs smoothly, and customers know where and how to find me. Take a look at the different areas of my website www.quinn69.com if you want to get a sense of what I mean. Many big box cam girls engage in promotional work as well, of course, but the general idea is that with ‘big box’, the cam site provides the vast majority of the traffic in exchange for a large cut of the cam girl’s earnings. What I hope I’m explaining is that the work that is required to be successful as an indie cam girl means investing time and energy acquiring and maintaining the resources that a ‘big box’ cam site would otherwise provide.

Indie camming really is a different game than big box. In the two years that I’ve been a solely independent cam girl I’ve watched hundreds of cam girls start up indie businesses only to ebb out or abandon the niche completely. These are cam girls who do very well on ‘big box’ cam sites, so I know they are talented, beautiful and are amazing at what they do. What they underestimated was the amount of time and effort it takes to succeed in the indie camming niche.

I’m not writing this article with the intention (I hope!!) of scaring anyone away from indie camming. Rather, I hope to give prospective indie cam girls a realistic perspective on the amount of time and effort that is required in order to really succeed. Indie cam girls need to learn the ins and outs of every adult payment-processing option available, which hosting services are low cost and adult-friendly, how to run a website and how to promote one’s own ‘little space on the internet’. That takes time and work. A lot of time and work.  Indie cam girls also need to give a top notch cam show every single time and build relationships with on-cam playmates, as indie camming is a very ‘regulars-intensive’ niche of the camming business.

I love being an independent cam girl. I worked a big box cam site for a year and once I found indie I jumped in and never looked back. Initially I was shocked at the amount of work that was involved, but the more I learned about the business and about promotion and the more I applied that new-found knowledge, my business grew and grew. As a result, today I’m doing things I never dreamed I would have been able to do two short years ago. My new site www.quinn69.com is only 5 weeks old but already it’s starting to flourish, and I built it all myself. The most important thing I learned was that to be successful in indy camming requires treating it like a full-time job, and always striving to reach new heights. I firmly believe that anyone who has the drive to succeed in indie camming can do so, I simply hope that with this article I can convey a little bit about what to expect in exploring this niche of the cam business.

In sum, to be a successful independent cam girl requires time and work, but the results are more than worth the effort if one isn’t afraid to keep pushing, finding every resource available, exploring opportunities in the industry and always striving for new heights. We all are capable of amazing things; it’s just a matter of where and how we choose to direct our energy and focus.

Every cam girl who wants to ‘go indie’ can do so successfully, it’s just a matter of deciding to commit to what is required. In that way at least, indie camming is simple.

Not to forget about any cam show enthusiasts reading this who may be new to indie camming as well, check out my info page at http://quinn69.com/info-about-skype-and-yahoo-cam-girls/.


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