Dogging vs. Swinging and America’s new sexual revolution


Doggers and Swingers outdoor group sex

The British love outdoor group sex, while America prefers to take things indoors

Why are we so curious about group sex?

Whether it’s a simple threesome, or attending a swingers party, humans seem fascinated with the concept of free love and unbridled lust. Mother nature even seems to be on board; very few species are monogamous in the wild. Historians would agree. Works of art dating as far back as Pompei often depict group sex in very explicit detail. Little needs to be said of the Romans penchant for sharing sexual partners, and ancient drawings from Asia also depict sex with multiple participants.

Britain is an interesting study. From a distance, one may not perceive the UK as a country of great sexual freedom.
In fact some might consider it somewhat reserved. But it is nevertheless the country that has spawned the concept of dogging.

Dogging is a British term for engaging in sexual behaviour in a public or semi-public area. Some doggers are
exhibitionists, while others are voyeurs who enjoy watching others have sex in public. Dogging started in the late
1900’s and mostly took place in public lots and parks. Participants often leave their interior car lights on
or make them flicker to alert fellow doggers of their presence. Group sex is not uncommon at these meets where husbands openly share their wives with anonymous strangers.

Dogging is as popular as ever in the UK, and the practice has since spread to the US, Canada and several European countries. Modern doggers use the internet to help find dogging locations and arrange annonymous sex meetings. Sites such as Dogging After Dark offer detailed maps and reviews of dogging sites.

Unlike the British, north americans tend to prefer indoor group sex activities. Canada has recently
legalized swinger clubs, and several large american cities have opened luxury swinging establishments. Swingers have never had it so good; they even have their own conventions, tropical resorts and cruises. A simple search for couples on will yield thousands of couples seeking others for sexual experimentation. For those too shy to attend a swingers club, sites such as Dirty Dating Live can take you on a behind the scenes look at some of america’s best swinging establishments. A list of clubs can also be found at Swinger Club Videos.

So why is swinging so different in Europe than it is in the USA? I think it boils down to social norms. Europeans
tend to be more progressive and open about their sexuality. Sex happens – it’s no big deal. They’ve had a long time to sort out their social norms and are comfortable with how sexuality is defined and expressed within their constituency.

America, on the other hand, is a relatively young country. I think it’s a country still trying to carve out it’s own social, political, and yes, sexual identity. America is a country deeply divided along several key metrics that go beyond the political realm. There’s a religious divide, a geographical divide and unfortunately, a wide disparity in social class and associated income levels. Little wonder americans are taking their group sex activities indoors. It might just be the perfect escape from a reality they find somewhat stressful. A place where there is no divisiveness, no judgement and where the next sexual revolution will take place.


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