Independent cam girls – are you selling to the 98%?

Advice to help cam girls make more money

Independent cam girls can increase their online earnings by selling third party products to the 98% of customers who leave their sites without making a purchase.  Why leave money on the table?

Regular readers of my blog know that I’m a big fan of independent cam girls who operate their own websites. These savvy entrepreneurs have taken that small extra step which allows them keep a much larger percentage of their earnings. They’ve found creative ways to generate traffic, offer their own billing services and perform webcam shows using Skype.

But are they leaving money on the table?

Let me explain. Let’s assume that a cam girl with a decent site converts 2% of her visitors to paying customers (or at the very least a qualified lead that may return at a later date to book a show). If she generates 400 site visits a day, that’s 8 new leads every day. But what about the 98% who visit, browse for a few minutes, then leave. Let’s face it, some customers might not find that you’re what they’re looking for; so why not offer them other products that might tickle their fancy? If you’re not selling to that 98%, you’re leaving easy money on the table. has recently launched a white label site creation tool which has real income generating potential for cam girls. This tools allows independent cam girls who operate their own sites to integrate their very own custom branded version of Chaturbate. The tool allows site owners to choose their own color scheme and logos, allowing the embedded service to seamlessly integrate into their own website, on it’s own page.

It only takes five minutes to generate your own site, and you earn a generous 20% commission on all sales it generates. Let’s face it, if you’re not selling to the 98% who surf away, someone else will. And the best part of it all is, this tool generates income 24 hours a day, so you can earn while you sleep or run errands.

Visit for more details – and start earning more money today!

Want to generate even more income with your website? Why not add a third page featuring adult cybersex personals. has a product called Why not sign up as an affiliate and put a nice prominent link to the service on your front page. You already have qualified traffic, and the site pays a generous 60% commission rate. What to take your game to the next level? Try using their “Geo Targeted Profiles Pro” tool to create a dedicated profile page for your site.

So there you have it. Two great tools which will convert very well with the 98% of customers who would otherwise leave your site – with their money. These few simple additions will help you take your online income to the next level. Give them a try today!


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