Logitech TV Cam HD Brings Skype Video Calling to Your HDTV

Logitech brings Skype to HDTV's equipped with HDMI ports

The Logitech TV Cam HD is a stand alone unit that brings full Skype service to any HDTV with an HDMI connection.

More great news for independent cam girls and their fans. Logitech has just introduced the Logitech TV Cam HD – a stand alone device that brings full HD Skype service to any HDTV with an HDMI port.

The $199 unit connects to your high speed internet service using either an Ethernet cable or WIFI (we recommend cam girls use a wired connection in order to be able to broadcast a true HD signal for their customers). This is a true stand alone device that contains all of the hardware required to transmit wide-angle, 720p Skype footage from your living room – no computer required! The camera will work with any HDMI equipped TV.

Using this device is dead simple. Simply plug the device into your TV’s HDMI port, enter your Skype user name and password and voila! – full access to your Skype address book. And yes – the device will also work wonders in the bedroom (hint hint).

A review of the unit can also be found on CNET



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