Webcam Sex – Android vs the iPad and Amazon Kindle

Webcam sex is available on ipad and android tablets

Your best bets for webcam sex on your ipad and android tablets

Tablets have taken the consumer market  by storm and webcam sex providers have taken notice. But how does each device stack up when it comes to watching cam girls strut their stuff? Today we take a closer look at webcam sex on the IPAD, Android tablets and the new Kindle Fire.

To review each device, we visited four of the most popular webcam sex sites; two free services (Chaturbate and MyFreeCams) and two pay by the minute services (Streamate and Here’s what we found.

Apple IPAD 2

This is the device that launched the tablet revolution, and in many respects, the one that dominates the market. But when it comes to webcam sex, the device is decidedly a mixed bag.

The IPAD features built in front and back cameras, as well as a video chat client called facetime. One would think that this would be the perfect device to watch and be watched by cam girls. But the device has one glaring omission: Flash support.

Most major webcam sites use the Flash video player to deliver both audio and video streams. During our testing, both Chaturbate and MyFreeCams loaded and presented a full model listing. When we selected a specific model, both sites showed a single real screen grab from the models feed. Chaturbate seemed to only send on screen grab, while MyFreeCams updated the feed about once every 15 seconds. Needless to say, the experience was less than optimal.

When we switched over to the pay-per-minute sites, the experience was also mixed. Streamate did not load at all, and displayed an error message indicating that the site required Flash for proper operation. was a pleasant surprise. It not only loaded, but it detected the device and prompted us to install their iPhone app. Even without the app, the site properly displayed both models and their free video feeds, albeit in iPhone resolution. Given that models on this site perform for as little as 88 cents per minute, this is an attractive solution for webcam sex on the go.

But the lack of flash support need not be a game stopper here. Many webcam girls work as independent contractors who will connect with you using Facetime or Skype, both of which work very well with the iPad. Just remember to cover up your front facing camera hole if you want to see but not be seen. A small piece of electrical tape goes a long way in helping you maintain your privacy.  If you’re looking to try this out, a full listing of freelance webcam girls can be found at the Cam Girl Directory. You can also find Skype and Facetime friends on adult social networks such as and

Android Tablets

Android tablets were almost built with webcam sex in mind. They fully support flash, most have front and rear facing cameras, and they also run Skype. What more can a voyeur ask for? During our testing, all four sites functioned with full functionality within each devices respective browsers. The girls looked great, the sound was clear and the chat features worked flawlessly.

If webcam sex is an important consideration when deciding on a tablet, your best bet is to go with an Android slate. It’s just really nice to be able to kick back in your favourite recliner, pour yourself a nice glass of wine and enjoy watching all of your favorite models in full color. Sweet!

Amazon Kindle

Unfortunately, we could not get our hands on an Amazon Kindle tablet, but Amazon has confirmed that the device will feature an HTML5 compliant browser with full flash support, which means it will probably play well with most service providers.

It’s important to note that the Kindle will not have either a front or rear facing camera, so this bad boy will be a solution for voyeurs only. Furthermore, the device is smaller than competing tablets, measuring only 7”. Seven inches might be plenty for most women, but when it comes to webcam sex on a tablet, 9+ inches really makes things come to life. What can I say, you can’t churn butter with a toothpick!


The Google Nexus 7 tablet uses the Jelly Bean version of Android which does not support Adobe Flash, therefore the new tablet will not work with either Chaturbate or MyFreecams. Although the new version of Android does use Chrome as the default browser, support for Flash is limited to the desktop version. Although you can install flash on the Jelly Bean version of Android using the following instructions, Google does not recommend such action as it may render the device unstable.


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