A new marketplace to buy and sell adult sex services

Adult Sex Service Marketplace

ExtraLunchMoney.com is a virtual adult sex service marketplace that caters to both consumers and content providers

We really enjoy spending quality time with independent cam girls. Over time, I’ve built up my Skype address book with a fine selection of affordable webcam models who are always eager to please at a moments notice.

Some I’ve met using webcam sex directories, others on cam girl social networks. And now, there’s a new service to help your make some Skype sex contacts. It’s called ExtraLunchMoney.com, and it already features a large selection of adult sex workers eager to connect with potential clients at very reasonable rates.

This is a great website for both consumers and webcam models alike. The site is a virtual flea market of sexual services where performers can sell webcam sex, phone sex, videos as well as photos. Looking for a custom photo shoot to video to satisfy a unique fetish? Chances are, a performer on this site will be willing to indulge your kink at a fair price.

Not unlike Chaturbate, performers get to set their own prices for their adult wares, which leads to healthy competition and lower prices for the consumer. In the end, everyone wins.

You can visit the online store at ExtraLunchMoney.com


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