Chaturbate makes it easy for cam girls to sell pictures and videos

Chaturbate picture and video sales

Chaturbate makes it easy to sell your own photos and videos

Can Chaturbate get any better for cam girls?

We’ve already written about why Chaturbate is a great source of free traffic for independent cam girls. And now things have now gotten a whole lot better. The site now allows cam girls to easily sell photos and videos. Simply upload your pictures and videos to your profile, set your own pricing (in tokens), and watch the profits pile up. The great thing about this is that it allows cam girls to earn income even when they’re offline. How great is that!

We predicted a while back that Chaturbate would turn into a virtual maketplace, and this is exactly what we expected. This new feature simply makes a great site even better. And with the massive amounts of traffic the site is attracting, it’s the perfect marketplace for girls to sell their wares.

So if you’re a cam girl looking for new revenue streams, Chaturbate is a great place to start.

Cam girl video and photo set sales

Chaturbate makes it easy for cam girls to sell their own video and photo collections.



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