Why cam girls should never share pictures taken with their smartphones

Cam girls should never share pictures taken with a smartphone

Pictures take with a smartphone will instantly give away your location information - always erase location data before uploading photos to Twitter or Facebook.

The issue of online privacy has always been an important one for webcam models. While the profession does require varying levels of public exposure, most cam girls prefer not to mix their private lives with that of their online activities.

While most cam girls go to great lengths to protect their personal identities and are pretty savvy at doing so, the introduction of new technologies can sometimes present new privacy challenges.

Smartphones, or more specifically – the pictures taken with a smartphone, present a very serious threat to your online privacy. This is because smartphones have a feature called geotagging which adds geographical information metadata to every picture you take. In other words, every time you take a picture with a smartphone, your device automatically adds GPS location data to the photo. Upload that photo to Facebook or Twitter, and you’ve just told the world where you live.

While the feature is mostly found on smartphones, newer digital cameras with GPS functionality also geotag your photos.

So how do you protect yourself? You can start by always verifying the meta data attached to your photos before sharing them online. This can easily be done by right clicking on a photo in windows and opening the item’s properties windows. Clicking on the details tab will show you all the information that has been encoded within the photo. From this same screen, you can erase all metadata by clicking on REMOVE PROPERTIES AND PERSONAL INFORMATION.

For more information, you can check out the following article from KnowYourFiles.com – it provides great tips to help keep your photos from exposing your personal location – and more!

This issue affects all webcam models, so please, help everyone stay safe and share this article.


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