A great new service for independent cam girls and their fans

An new social network for amateur cam girls and the men who love them

An new social network for amateur cam girls and the men who love them

Being an independent cam girl just got a whole lot easier. CamGirlServices.com has just launched a free portal which provides cam girls with both payment processing and a decent web presence. Webcam models can create their own profile and the service will setup reliable payment processing using Zombaio. It will also provide a free video chat room, so that independent models don’t have to worry about being located by clients using Skype hacking tools.

But that’s just the start. There are no setup fees, and the service picks up the tab for credit card processing fees, which means that webcam models get to keep 60% of their earnings. And if models have a personal website, they are welcomed to link to it from their personal profiles – provided they link back.

We love this service. It’s especially good for girls who perform on Chaturbate and want to perform private cam shows using their own credit card processing. In fact, that combo is a match made in heaven, as Chaturbate is a great way to generate tons of traffic as the service allows you to promote your own website or in this case, profile.

CamGirlServices.com is also a great service for fans of independent cam girls. Not only can you browse a decent selection of true amateur webcam models, you can easily compare show rates (and yes, they do tend to be much lower than the large cam sites) and even compare notes with other cam girl fans. The site is after all one large social network for cam girls and the men who love them.

Check them out and create your free profile – you’ll be glad you did!



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