Independent cam girls beware – Skype security vunerability can reveal location information

Skype Security Breach

Independent cam girls need to be aware of a new Skype anomaly that can potentially reveal location information

A new flaw has been unearthed in Skype that allows remote users to detect your IP address, and by extension, your location information. Independent cam girls need to be aware of this flaw and it’s potential to disrupt what has so far been pretty strong privacy settings on Skype.

It’s important to note that your IP address can only be obtained while you’re online in Skype, and that in most cases, it can only be used to trace which city or state you are in. But in the hands of ISP employees with access to account information, it could potentially be used to locate your home address.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Cam girl clients would have to go through quite a few hoops to find your IP address using the discovered flaw, and then would need access to encrypted ISP databases to find your home address. Far more likely, is that a hacker will be able to find out what city or state you’re in – not that such information would be of much use to them.

Nevertheless, if you’re one to live life in the safe lane, you can hide your IP address using a proxy service or simply ask your ISP to change your IP address on a regular basis. Either way, expect Microsoft (who now own Skype) to plug this security hole in the near future.

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