Crowd sourced webcam sex shows – the best kept secret in the industry

Join a group to watch affordable webcam sex shows

Crowd sourcing offers live HD webcam sex shows for only pennies per minute

Webcam sex service providers have become quite innovative in their efforts to offer new and exciting pricing models for their wares. The freemium/tipping model has particularly been successful for both performers and consumers. And now we’re seeing a few cam sites adopt and even more lucrative pricing model – Groupon style crowd sourced cam shows.

When you think about it, these new pricing models make sense. And we may have Apple to thank for them. You see, Apple introduced the world to the concept of micro payments. They may not have invented the concept, but they can certainly take the credit for making micro payments mainstream.

Micro payments make sense. People don’t mind making an impulse purchase if it’s only for a few dollars. The higher the price tag, the more reluctant consumers are about parting with their hard earned dollars. Up until recently, buying a cam show was, in relative terms, an expensive proposition. A 20 minute cam shows could easily cost $60 dollars or more, a price point which put it out of reach for a large majority of consumers. The solution – share the total cost with other users who are also interested in the same performer.

This approach has 3 benefits:

  • For consumers, instead of watching one 20 minute performance for $60, they get to watch ten 20 minute  performances at $6 dollars a piece. This represents much better value from a customers point of view.
  • For performers, micro transactions are a real windfall. If 50 people subscribe to their show at $6 a piece, that’s a $300 sale for a 20 minute performance. I honestly think that cam girls who adopt this model will end up making more money while working less hours.
  • For site owners, this model can only benefit their bottom line. The reason is simple; they are now catering to the vast majority of users who previously couldn’t afford a $60 cam show, but would be more than willing to pay for a $6 cam show. Micro payments simply expands the reach of their existing product.

We really like this new concept. A model (or models) offers a specific type of cam show (dildo, anal, lesbian, blowjob etc) and once a predetermined number of users commit to buying a ticket for the show, the performance begins. For example, two girls might offer 20 minute lesbian show for $6 per ticket and start the show once 50 tickets are sold. If the show sells (and most do), consumers get to watch a great live lesbian cam show for $3, while the performers earn a cool $300 (minus service fees) for their 20 minute performance. If the show does not meet the necessary ticket sales, the customer instantly has his $3 refunded.

Want to give this a try? The best site for group shows is When browsing the model list, look for profile pictures with the “Gold Show” label on them. Click on the performer’s picture and you’ll be presented with a full show description and its cost. You will also be able to see how many other viewers have purchased a ticket to her show. Best of all, Streamate features some of the highest quality feeds in the industry, so your show will be broadcast in stunning HD quality.

Pay less. Get more. Crowd sourced shows are the future of the webcam sex industry.

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