An adult friendly alternative to Paypal for Cam Girls

Paxum Mastercard

Paxum is a service similar to Paypal that is 100% adult friendly - and confidential.

One of the biggest challenges faced by independent cam girls is payment processing. Paypal offers a great service, but they are not adult friendly and will suspend your account if they suspect that your are using their services for adult transactions.

But now there’s an alternative that offers low fees and is 100% adult friendly. Best of all, it’s an established, reliable service with thousands of satisfied users.

The service is called the Paxum Mastercard. The concept is simple. As a consumer, the Paxum Mastercard is a great way to send online payments in a confidential manner. All reporting is done online, therefore you never need to worry about statements arriving in the mail. The Paxum Mastercard is a virtual credit card that can be used at any retailer that accepts Mastercard. But it gets better. The service also allows you to send instant payments to cam girls with a Paxum Account – just like Paypal – but 100% adult friendly. And yes, being a credit card, it will work on any porn site.

For cam girls, this is the perfect payment processing product. It’s like an adult friendly version of Paypal. Signup only takes a few minutes, and once approved, you can immediately start accepting direct money transfers from your clients. Best of all, the fees are very low, so you get to keep even more of your earnings. And when you’re ready to withdraw your money, simply take your card to any ATM machine. It’s that easy!

Confidential payment processing for clients – adult friendly payment transfers for webcam sex services. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Visit Mastercard for all the details!


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