4 reasons why Chrome is the best browser for webcam sex

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Webcam sex is much more fun when experienced with a fast and secure web browser such as Google Chrome

Web browsers come in all shapes and sizes, and we all have our favorite based on our own personal computing needs. But when it comes to surfing cam girl sites, one browser is head and shoulders above the rest: Google Chrome.

Here’s why Chrome is the perfect browser for webcam sex enthusiasts:

1) It has built-in support for Flash

We all know that HTML5 and WebRTC based video streaming is the future, but we live in the present, and the simple fact is that today most webcam sex site stream their video using Flash. And with good reason. Flash is now a mature video streaming client that offers exceptional video quality while keeping bandwidth use to a minimum.

Problem is, when used with Internet Explorer or Firefox, the Flash client is an external app which requires frequent updates. Google Chrome comes with the Flash client baked in, which means when the browser auto updates in the background, your Flash software gets updated as well. That’s a big deal, because using Chrome means never having to worry about Flash updates ever again.

2) It’s fast and stable

Chrome is now a mature browser with industry leading security and speed. Nothing is more frustrating that visiting a cam girl site and having to wait while your browser gets bogged down with external plug-ins and Javascript apps. If you want to render cam girl listings at top speed, you simply need to use Chrome.

3) It will be ahead of the curb with new technologies

As cam girl sites adopt new HTML5 based streaming technologies, you’re going to want a web browser that supports them as they come on stream. Chrome is a forward looking browser that is more often than not the first to adopt new web standards, even when they are at the beta stage of development.

If you want to experience the latest and greatest developments in webcam sex technology, this is the browser you’ll want running on your system.

4) It’s secure

When is comes to web browsing and cyber sex, using a secure web browser matters. While no technology will ever be 100% secure, Chrome consistently fares very well at most white hat hacker conferences. It’s not an easy browser to compromise. And with a porn friendly incognito browsing tool baked in, you’ll be able to watch your favorite cam girls with total peace of mind.

Want to experience this performance first hand? Install Chrome on your browser and check out the quality of the video feeds on Sexier.com – I think the performance will speak for itself!


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