Chaturbate traffic is pure gold for independent cam girls

Chaturbate Cams

When it comes to webcam sex traffic, nothing beats the targeted traffic you can get from Chaturbate

An increasing number of cam girls are creating their own websites and offering their own credit card processing in an effort to maximize their online earnings. This is a great strategy, but success will only come to those who are smart about generating traffic. Link exchanges with other webcam sex sites are a great place to start, but when it comes to making money, you need traffic in quantity as well as quality.

This is where a site like Chaturbate comes into play.

Chaturbate is one of the best kept traffic secrets out there. It is a significant source of highly targeted traffic for independent cam girls – not only can you earn tips in free chat, but you can also create a profile that includes a link to your personal website. A with hundreds of qualified webcam sex customers online at any given time, it won’t take long for an experienced cam girl to gain a substantial audience in free chat.

Once you reach between 100-200 viewers, send out your website link and watch the hits pour in. Not only is this free traffic, it’s traffic that will come to you in significant numbers and which is highly qualified. And remember, as an independent cam girl, you get to keep between 70%-85% of all sales processed with your own billing solution.

Not taking advantage of Chaterbate traffic is simply leaving money on the table. Skype is quickly becoming the de facto standard for video chats and is now available in full HD. Add to this it’s jump to large screen TV’s and you have a recipe for independent cam girl success.

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