BTGuard – a great new proxy service for cam girls and bittorent users

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Secure your Bittorent downloads and avoid ISP throttling with BTGuard

We love this service. is a proxy service provider that hides all of your online activities from both your ISP and those you communicate with online. The service keeps absolutely no logs, therefore your online travels remain 100% anonymous – not even your ISP can see them.

Best of all, the service can also hide all of your Bittorent activities, ensuring that none of your uploads or downloads can be traced back to your IP address. And if that’s not enough, the service connects to Bittorent using VPN technology, which means your ISP will not be able to throttle your connection. 1Mbs download speeds over uTorrent – no problem!

Unlike other Proxy services, this one is really easy to install and comes with a preconfigured uTorrent client. It really doesn’t get easier than this. And all for less than $7 per month!

Check them out today at


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