LoverboysUSA celebrate 10 years of CFNM debauchery


First off, I’ve never figured out why they call themselves Loverboys USA when the lad are 100% British. But who cares – they can lay claim to the very first CFNM website, and in our eyes, that’s all that matters.

These lads are the real deal. You’ve probably seen the movie “The Full Monty”, but this my friends is what really goes on when the ladies get together for a girls night out.

There’s a lot of staged CFNM sites out there (and those are pretty hot as well), but LoverBoysUSA was so much more sincere – you could almost smell the beer being served as liquored up lasses filled their hungry mouths with male stripper cock. Sorry for being so crude, but that’s what really goes on in these clubs.

Even ten years on, the video content over at the Loverboys website still rocks. They now have hundreds of hours of fresh videos that still stands the test of time. We never get tired of watching these lads please their female patrons.

Their legacy is legendary, and they’ve inspired others to follow in their footsteps, with sites such as Dancina Bears, CFNM Secrets, Pure CFNM and the new kids on the block, The Horny Birds.

So join us in congratulating these lads for 10 great years of CFNM content.


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