Pornhub now available on the Boxee Box

Porn Hub comes to the Boxee Box

PornHub will soon be streaming free adult content on the Boxee Box

You’re Boxee Box just became a whole lot more useful. PornHub has announced that it is the latest adult video service to become available on the popular streaming service. The channel will offer parental controls for the new service.

As for pricing, the service will initially be free, but you can expect that a monthly subscription will be required once the channel gains an established audience. I think Pornhub will be to porn what Netflix is to movies – a portal to view on demand content which it will license from adult studios.

This will be successful for two reasons; people will pay to get porn on a large screen TV in a convenient manner, and they will love the variety of adult content that Pornhub will have on offer. This is going to be big folks. Expect other services to follow suit.

Not only will it bring adult content to the big screen, it will also provide a new revenue stream for struggling adult content providers. I suspect we’ll also see a sudden surge in Boxee Box sales. Let’s not kid each other, porn moves hardware and men don’t need much of an excuse if a device provides them with a great gateway to adult content. It will be interesting to see if Roku and Google TV also move to allow adult content on their respective devices.

If you’re interested in trying out the new service while it’s free, you can get a Boxee Box here.


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