Real Touch Interactive – is this the dawn of remote controlled masturbation?

RealTouch Interactive Webcam Sex

RealTouch takes us a giant step closer to simulated, remote controlled hand jobs and blowjobs

Remote controlled sex toys may well be the next big thing in the world of interactive cyber sex. The idea of having a webcam model perform a remote blowjob or hand job is quite appealing, and a new product called the Real Touch Interactive may well take us a step closer to this reality.

First, a little history. The Real Touch  is a sex toy for men that simulates the feeling of oral, vaginal and anal sex. The device, which slides onto a penis, features two textured belts which, when lubricated and heated, simulate the movement and feel of human sex organs. The reviews I have read rave about the device’s ability to induce orgasm, but also warn of a few technical issues relating to the devices build quality. The reviews in question were over a year old, so these issues might have been addressed since they were published. We strongly recommend that you conduct your own research before considering any purchase.

Despite these technical issues, what’s interesting here is that a device now exist which can both provide pleasure and orgasm in a hands free fashion. No big deal you might say, after all, that’s what jerking off is all about. But here’s the twist – this device can now be controlled remotely. In fact, Real Touch will soon introduce and interactive version of their product which will allow a webcam model remotely control what you feel while she performs for you. In other words, as she performs oral sex on a capacitive touch version of the device, you will feel the corresponding actions on your penis. This is webcam sex show I would pay 3 dollars a minute for!

Real Touch may well be onto something really big here, but I think a few hurdles need to be overcome before this device becomes cyber sex nirvana.

The first issue is latency. Any remote controlled sex device will require a second or two to react to remote commands. You can’t get away from that, it’s just the time required to send a signal from point A to point B. What you can do is delay the video and sound information to compensate for this delay, thus providing the illusion of real time interactivity. This will require a dedicated video chat client for the device.

The second issue is availability. Will this device be available off the shelf for any cam girl to use, or will Real Touch run a dedicated webcam sex service in an exclusive fashion? Given the exclusivity of the product, it may well be offered in a monopolistic manner until competition dictates otherwise. Time will tell.

The third issue is convenience. Sex is impulsive by nature. The device must be reliable, and easy to setup and use. From what I read, the current device is somewhat messy to operate (leaks lube) and must be cleaned after every use. A condom friendly model that requires less lube may go a long way in addressing these issues.

Given that we can only judge the device based on user reviews and video demonstrations available on Youtube, we cannot fully endorse the product as we have not actually used it. We love where Real Touch is going with this, and genuinely feel that they are on the cusp of something big here. It’s not Woody Allen’s Orgasmatron, but it is an important first and dare we saw pioneering step towards the world of true interactive cyber sex.

Have you used the Real Touch sex toy? Would you let someone perform a remote blowjob on you? Let us know in the comments section.


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