Are tokens the perfect virtual currency for webcam sex?

Are tokens the future of adult micro transaction payment processing?

MyFreeCams and Chaturbate users know all about tokens. These tiny bits of virtual currency are traded openly in exchange for a wide range of cam girl services. Yes, they can still be used as tokens of appreciation for your favorite webcam performer, but now they’ve evolved into a genuine currency that has spawned the creation of a whole new virtual marketplace for adults. In fact, many savvy cam girls have started using tokens as a form of payment processing for their wares. From picture sets to videos, used panties and even full featured Skype cam shows; cam girl profiles have evolved into virtual marketplaces where all form of carnal capitalism is on display.

The marketing potential here is huge. Sites such as MyFreeCams and Chaturbate will be able to leverage these new virtual currencies into a sales platform that will attract a whole host of adult service providers. Could this be the micro transaction payment platform that has eluded the adult industry for so long? It might well be.

Think about it. Companies who produce niche specific videos will be able to have their performers promote their products to a sizable and targeted audience using a cam show/infomercial hybrid presentation. Throw in micro transaction payment processing and you’ve got a very attractive platform which would be akin to an app marketplace for adults. This could even evolve into a full fledge pay-per-view system for true amateur porn distribution on large screen TV’s. The possibilities here are truly epic.

Now I know what you’re thinking. If I want porn, I can just go to a tube site. But that’s not the point. This content here is interactive. A performer can sell her videos while in a live chat room and include an admission ticket for a group show with every purchase. So many amateur performers have great content to sell, but no audience or payment processing. Sites such as MyFreeCams and Chaturbate have a real opportunity here to partner with these content creators and create a lively and successful ecosystem for adults. They can be so much more than a webcam sex site. Let’s hope they make it happen – this could very well be the future of the adult industry.

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