Liandra Dahl – a true gift to the world of interactive cybersex

Liandra Dahl

Liandra Dahl shares her personal sex life in vivid detail on a site rich in member interactivity

Liandra Dahl understands that the most important thing about creating a great cybersex site is that one has to please the brain as well as the body. Here’s a girl who understands that sex is first and foremost  an intellectual journey; the physical flesh simply comes along for the ride.

If only to watch her captivating intro video, you must make a point of visiting But why stop there. Behind this stylish gateway you’ll be transported into the realm of Liandra’s incredible sex life. Liandra separates sex from gender. She all about sexual experimentation and shares her most intimate moments with her members, be they acts of self pleasure, or sex with men and women. She will draw you into her world, as she has drawn many of her personal friends who make frequent appearances on her site.

With over 90 videos depicting various sexual fetishes, you’ll find a wide array of content here to please even the most demanding voyeur. This website oozes passion in all the right places and introduces the viewer to the many various lovers who drift in and out of Liandra’s life. The lesbian sex encounters are particularly well done.

The site also incorporates a very well designed blog which allows members to interact with Liandra on a very personal and intimate level. This truly is porn that doesn’t suck.

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4 thoughts on “Liandra Dahl – a true gift to the world of interactive cybersex

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  2. Really a great cyber sex site I have seen till now. Not only one can watch movies on your site but a close interaction with you through email and blogs is fun while member requests and suggestions are a great advantage at your site. Thanks a lot for sharing your sexual experimentation

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