10 must read sex blogs

Top 10 must read sex blogs

These are my 10 favorite sex blogs. Feel free to add your own favorites in the comments section.

I love everything about sex. I love watching sex, I love hearing sex, and I love reading about sex. Problem is, when it comes to sex blogs, too many are focused on porn and not sexuality. I like when they are a mix of both, but what floats my boat might sink yours. Diversity is what makes sex fun after all.

Here’s a list of 10 sex blogs which make for great bedtime reading. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

1. Ask Dan and Jennifer

Youtube’s #1 sex advice couple have put together a very couple friendly blog that will be enjoyed by singles as well. The blog includes an archive of past articles and videos, and is updated daily, so you can expect fresh content every time you visit!

2. Tiny Nibbles

Violet Blue is a podcast artist who knows a thing or two about human sexuality. Her blog is as fun to read as her podcast is to listen to. She’s often described as a “Superstar Sex Writer” and has a particular talent for finding interesting photos and artwork to complement her writing.

3. This could be dangerous

Lilly is a bisexual woman who loves sexual exploration and fetishes. She describes her marriage as monogamy with benefits and writes about both fiction and real life experiences. She’s also an avid sex toy reviewer with a eye for what’s hot, and what’s not.

4. The Savage Love Podcast

What can you say about Dan Savage. He’s shocking, gutsy, controversial and without doubt and acquired taste. His syndicated columns leave little to the imagination, and his podcast are unlike anything you’ve ever heard. Not for the squeamish, but great for those who love to probe the deepest, darkest vestiges of human sexuality.

5. Savvy Miss – A community for women

Written by women, for women, this blog is somewhat tamer than the fare dished out on Savage Love. This blog is all about Dating and Love, Body and Spirit and just about everything else that matters to women. It’s almost like Cosmopolitan magazine with recipes and relevant content.

6. Fun with Dick and Jane

If you love Dan and Jennifer, you’ll love dick and Jane. This is a blog aimed squarely at fun loving couples who love sexual exploration. We’re especially fond of their Erotic Photography section which proves that hardcore sex can have artistic merit. Need some ideas to spice up your relationship? This is a great blog to consult!

7. Sex Secrets

This is a great blog that deals with the technical side of human sexuality. Written by a woman, the content seems squarely aimed at helping men in their quest to become better lovers. Nobody knows more about how to please a woman than another woman. Guys, man up and read this blog.

8. Boinkology

This makes the list based on it’s name alone. Gotta admit, it’s catchy. This blog describes itself as cute, dirty and smart. I like the fact that it digs out the sexual innuendos hidden in modern day pop culture. Scratch bellow the surface, and you’ll find some real good reading here.

9. Cherry TV

What happens when you set out to make a video podcast for women, and it turns out to be kinda fun for men. Cherry TV is a series of video podcast that features groups of women having very honest discussions about their private sex lives. I find the site’s video player way too small, but fortunately you can find their videos on Youtube in higher resolutions.

10. Pop my Cherry Review

Another great blog for open minded couples, singles and even swingers. If your looking for a great sex blog with above average writing, this is it. Women will love it for the erotic book reviews and genuinely honest sex toy ratings.

So there you have it. My top 10 sex blog picks. Do you know of other great sex blogs that didn’t make the list? Feel free to plug them in the comments section.


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2 thoughts on “10 must read sex blogs

  1. Nice article and indeed a very helpful one. Thanks a lot for briefing each of the blogs which could be really beneficial to many. Not only couples, even singles could get to know a lot from these blogs. I, myself, would love to read Savvy Miss to know all that a woman should know about love, sex and body.

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