Cam girls – are you ready for the HD Skype revolution?

Skype compatible HD webcam from Logitech

New webcam cameras such as the Logitiech C920 HD will be able to deliver the HD quality customers will demand on their large screen TV's

Have no doubt – Skype is making the jump from the computer screen to the big screen. If last year’s CES show was about 3D TV’s, this year’s show is all about smart TV’s with apps and built-in webcams. And everyones #1 app for the big screen is Skype. On just about every demo we’ve seen, Skype has been front and center. And I predict we will see Skype on the XBOX 360 within six months. Imagine how many new potential customers this will bring to the webcam sex industry. The numbers are boggling.

But are you ready for this revolution? You will need three things to thrive in this market:

1) The ability to offer Skype based webcam shows in HD

Webcam sex customers are going to want to watch you on the big screen. And they’re going to want to see you in HD. Sending out 480p video to a television capable of 1080p is going to look like crap. The good news is, HD webcams such as the recently introduced Logitech C920 HD cost less than $200, therefore now’s the time to upgrade. It’s also important to focus on lighting as well; big bright video will keep customers coming back for more.

2) A cam girl website or blog

Successful cam girls are also successful business women. To capitalize on this new market, you’re going to need a web presence. Customers will need to be able to go to your website or blog to book cam shows and pay for them. You will need a professional looking landing page with clear pricing and reputable payment processing. Your best strategy is to outsource this function to a service provider who can get you a blog or website with full payment processing for about $200.

3) Traffic and promotion

Your biggest challenge will be traffic. Your goal is to make it easy for customers who are looking for webcam sex to find you. Get listed on independent cam girl directories such as Webcams 411 and even this blog, Webcam Sex Advice. Trading links with other cams girls is also a great idea as customers will often chain surf cam girl sites. Upload a promotional video on Youtube and post it on your website (check out Roselynn Locks video, this is a great way to sell yourself to potentional customers). Tell us about your videos, we’re always looking to feature them on our blog. And last but not least, promote your personal website on cam networks that allow self promotion, such as MyFreeCams. Wear a TSHIRT with your domain name on it during your shows. Be creative, and you will thrive in this new market.

Have missed anything? If you have any ideas on how to take advantage of the Skype revolution, we want to hear about them in the comments section!


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2 thoughts on “Cam girls – are you ready for the HD Skype revolution?

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