Samsung introduces new TV’s with built in webcam and Skype baked in

TV with built in webcam and Skype Support

Coming soon to a man cave near you - big screen TV's with built in webcams and Skype support

Samsung, we love you. And so will every man cave dweller in America. We already know that Samsung makes kick ass smart phones, and today, they’ve introduced the holy grail of webcam sex devices. A big ass TV sporting a built in webcam, microphone and dual-core processor capable of running SmartApps.

Yes, you’ll be able to play with Angry Birds on this baby, but we’re much more interested in how this baby can play horny birds, as the Skype app that was prominently displayed on the demo unit. Samsung claims the TV is capable of what it refers to as “Smart Interaction”. We’ll refer to it as “Cam Girl Enabled”. And it’s coming soon to a best buy near you!


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