2012 CES: Webcam Sex Gadgets for Cam Girls

This device might enable HD Skype webcam sex on large screen TV's

Will this be the device that brings HD Skype video calls to the living room?

Cam girls are fond of their toys, but they like gadgets too. The 2012 CES show is only days away and already we’re seeing a wide array of gadgets which will be of interest to both webcam models and their voyeuristic fans.

First up is a device (pictured) that brings full HD Skype video calls to the living room and smiles to freelance cam girls. Tely Labs are introducing a new device that could be mistaken for a Kinect, but don’t be fooled. This baby sports a full HD webcam driven by a Tegra 2 based engine and a custom version of Android. The claim is that this device will bring full HD Skype calls to any device. Best of all, the device boast a wide angle lens so that you can bring your friends in on the action; now what could go wrong there! The device promises that the HD video will make you feel ‘just like being there’.
You can view the full press release here.

Next up is a spanking new Logitech C920 HD webcam which enables 1080p Skype calls. This is a device which will go a long way in filling larger screens with HD cam girl delights. It’s the first webcam that’s capable of 1080p calls with Skype, and will also support 720p calls with Windows Live Messenger. The webcam features H.264 compression and Carl Zeiss optics with a 20 point autofocus. In other words, this baby is going to make webcam sex models come to life in a way we’ve never seen before.
You can view the full details here.

And finally, for those who want to enjoy webcam sex without the extra wires,  we have the 23-inch Compaq L2311c Notebook Docking Monitor which features a built in HD 720P webcam. This puppy can really help cut down on cable clutter, but we’re not sure how easy it’s going to be to aim the camera at the right angles.

We love these gadgets, and we will be keeping our eyes open at the 2012 CES show for any other technologies which could advance the art of cyber sex!


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