Webcam sex masks for the bold but bashful

We all love to indulge our inner exhibitionist, but for some of us discretion is a must when we choose to disrobe for our virtual lovers. Purists will surely frown upon wearing a sexy mask, but I think it adds mystery and spice to the webcam sex encounter. When tastefully combined with the appropriate lingerie, it can really help set the mood and even add an element of fantasy to your encounter. Remember, great cyber sex starts with a great imagination.

Sexy mask for webcam sex

Wearing a sexy mask can add a sense of mystery and fantasy to the webcam sex experience

It’s in this spirit that I decided to research websites that cater to this narrow and mysterious niche. I wanted to find the sexiest masks for both men and women. Here are some great recommendations.

For those seeking a high end product, you should click on over to – they have a great selection of masks to match just about any accessory in your evening boudoir. Professional cam girls can even find some sexy fantasy wear to indulge their customers role play requests.

Another fun destination is – not only do they carry a sexy assortment of masks, but they also have a nice selection of wigs for those who require deep cover during their nocturnal dalliances.

We found this awesome assortment of masks over at Make sure to check out their Body Art section which features some interesting alternatives to lingerie for the more adventurous amongst you.

And finally, budget minded cyber sex fans can opt for some fun mask designs courtesy of non other than And while you’re there, pick up a copy of Bliss, the best erotic short stories ever caught on video – you’ll thank me later!


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2 thoughts on “Webcam sex masks for the bold but bashful

  1. The intrigue of a mask is something that I think turns everyone on. It’s almost like a tease of the eyes or a low cut dress for the eyes. Simply amazing

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