My 2012 Webcam Sex Wish List

webcam sex wish list for 2012

What's on your 2012 webcam sex wish list? Let us know in the comment section

With 2012 being just around the corner, I found myself thinking about what new webcam sex products and services I would like to see introduced in the new year. Here are some of my thoughts:

1) More voyeur cam sites

I love the concept behind the Big Sister voyeur brothel. This site is reality sex at it’s very best. For those of you unfamiliar with the service, Big Sister is a European brothel where each room is equipped with several webcams, all of which can be viewed online for a flat monthly fee. Clients get to sleep with the prostitutes for free as long as they agree to being broadcast in real time on the internet.

We would love to see more sites adopt this business model. It could apply to swinger clubs, hotels, or even an XXX rated version of Big Brother. We all love to watch. Voyeur cams are where it’s at!

2) Male/Female couples on MyFreeCams

We all know that is one of the best free webcam sex sites on the web. They feature what can only be described as top shelf cam girls, as well as the odd lesbian couple.

In 2012, we’d love to see the site branch out and include male/female couples. Lesbians and hot solo girls rock, but sometimes you want to watch real couples having webcam sex.

3) More niche webcam sites

We really like fresh new ideas, like the introduction of The site completely turns the tables on the webcam sex industry by featuring women who want to watch men strip and masturbate for them.

It’s new, it’s different, and we hope it’s just the first of many sites that cater to specific webcam sex fetishes. We’d love to see a site that features live sex massages, or a bird’s eye view of guided female masturbation.

4) Fixed rate, affordable webcam sex shows

The pay per minute business model is way too expensive for the average webcam sex consumer. We’d love to see prices fall below the $2 per minute barrier, and be billed at a fixed session rate.

Some independent cam girls are starting to adopt this model, and we think they’re on the right track. Do I want to pay $3.99 a minute, or would I rather have a 20 minute session for $39.99. The choice is clear, let’s make it happen.

5) Webcam sex on the big screen

I want to see Apple TV and Google TV apps on my 50 inch TV – and I want one of those apps to be Skype. As I’ve written in previous articles, independent cam girls will be the big winners when apps come to set top boxes, and I’m hoping that this will happen in 2012. Webcam sex on the big screen will re-invigorate the industry and help introduce cyber sex to a wider audience.

6) A move away from Flash and towards open standards

Most webcam sex sites use the Adobe Flash streaming video standard to deliver video and sound to web browsers. In 2012, we’d like to see major providers adopt open standards for video streaming, with a particular focus on HTML5. The more client platforms we can reach, the more webcam sex we can sell. It’s that simple.

What’s on your cam sex wishlist for 2012? Let us know in the comments section!


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