How cam girls can charge less per minute, and make more money with live massage cam shows

Sex massage caught on camera

Use multiple cameras to broadcast scheduled massage webcam shows

Is it possible to charge less for webcam sex services, yet make more money? Although these statements may seem at odds, it can be done with the proper marketing strategy. Let me explain.

Let’s say you’re a webcam model who performs with a partner (male or female). Working as a team, you can offer unique webcam shows in under serviced niches. I remember being on Chaturbate one evening and watching a woman giving her husband a very sexy massage. This couple re-created the whole massage parlor look and feel, and gave a 30 minute performance which keep hundreds entertained and looking forward to the ultimate happy ending. The man was lying on his stomach for the first 10 minutes, on his back for the next 10, and then had his towel removed for the final ten minute segment which ended with a blowjob. The viewer count was incredibly high, because the show was so unique.

Now, take a minute and do two things. First, visit this site to watch first hand how sexy and enticing a video of a sex massage can be. As you can see, the product practically sells itself. Now go to Google, and search for the term “Massage Webcam Show”. Not a single webcam sex provider offers live massage cam shows, which means you could have this niche all to yourself.

Imagine if an independent cam girl or two were to team up to offer scheduled sex massage shows. You could prepare a nice room with a real massage table, decorate with nice warm tones and colors, and setup 2 or 3 webcams to broadcast your massage encounters.

The secret here is to use more than one camera. If the webcam show is scheduled, why not have 3 customers connect all at once to watch it. You could charge each customer $2 per minute to watch (which would earn you $6 a minute, or $180 for a 30 minute sex massage performance) – not a bad payday for a 30 minute show.

I’ve never tried to stream 3 webcams over a single broadband connection, so I’m not sure if you’ll need multiple incoming internet feeds. But even if you did, the extra cost would certainly be covered by the extra income this strategy would generate.

So what do you think – is niche webcam shows the way to go? Let us know in the comments section.


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