Webcam sex that only a Turkey would love

Turkey Mating call video

You never quite know what's going to happen when a turkey call device is being demonstrated

Don’t post comments telling me how stupid this post is. I know it’s stupid. But it’s also pretty darn funny! It’s not webcam sex, but it did happen in front of a camera, so close enough! I love when things like this happen in a totally unscripted fashion.

Hunters will get a real kick out of this video. It seems this woman was appearing as a host on a nature show when a turkey mating call device was being demonstrated. I’m not quite sure what led her to try out the device the way she did, but one thing’s for sure; she sure made the other guest blush.

Please do not watch this if you have a mouth full of food or liquids – you’ve been warned!


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One thought on “Webcam sex that only a Turkey would love

  1. Okay I’m not going to say anything about the post ( I like it tho)… But that turkey head is just flat out scary looking!