The secret to cam girl success is to please more than one of the senses

Webcam model success

Webcam models can make more money by catering to specific niches

In an online world saturated with cam girls and webcam sex services, it’s important for performers to offer their customers a unique experience which will keep them coming back for more. Sex is going multimedia, and cam girls needs to harness the potential of new technologies in order to offer their clients a sexual experience they will never forget.

The best way to identify what will turn your clients on is to look inward, at what turns you on. Imagine if, when you went to bed at night, you could slide on a pair of headphones and listen to a sexy voice tell you an x-rated bedtime story. Imagine how you would close your eyes and let this voice take over your senses and transport you to a place where all your fantasies could be fulfilled. That’s a pretty immersive scenario, right? So why not offer it to your clients?

Cam girls too often focus on pleasing their clients on a visual level at the expense of the other senses. If you combine a unique visual experience with an immersive audio component, you’ll offer a product that will not only be unique, but one that will be deeply fulfilling for your customer, which is what will keep him coming back. Let’s look at how this can be accomplished.

The first thing you need to do is NOT sell your customer a cam show; sell him an erotic experience. Explain to him that you want to lie in bed, and have him watch you masturbate from a birds eye view while you listen to HIS erotic story. This is important. You must engage your client, make him part of your orgasm. Imagine how turned on he will be watching you masturbate, knowing it’s his voice and words that are enticing you. This takes the webcam sex experience to the next level.

But offering such a unique product requires some level of time and preparation. The first thing you will need is a wireless headset (I assume I don’t have to explain why you need to be hands free here) so that you can clearly hear your clients words. Needless to say, a headset will be a requirement for your client as well.

The second thing you’ll need is proper lighting and a way to mount your webcam above your bed in order to offer the client a full body birds eye view of your activities. Yes, this will take some effort and a USB extension cable or two – but you need to keep the big picture in mind – this is all about offering a unique product that will set you apart from the crowd.

Different, yes. Sexy – extremely. But it’s those who try new and exciting ideas that tend to rise above the rest.

Do you have any interesting webcam show ideas? Feel free to share them in the comments section.

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