Independent Amateur Cam Girl Roselynn Locks

Independent cam girl

Roselynn Locks is not only a top shelf cam girl, but also a very smart business woman

So what does it take to be a top shelf independent cam girl? How does a freelance webcam girl generate enough traffic to compete with the large cam networks?

I’ve often spoken of the business and marketing savvy required to be a successful solo cam girl, and Roselynn Locks is a perfect example of what I am referring to.

Roselynn is a beautiful redheaded cam girl who knows a thing or two about branding herself. She’s not only a top rated cam model, she’s also a marketing genius and from what I hear, a pretty good cook. Let’s look at how she’s turned herself into a cam girl icon, and what others can learn from her experience.

Roselynn understands that success as a cam girl depends on building a loyal fan base of regular clients. This requires ongoing interaction with her followers. The heart of her strategy is her blog, Creating a blog is pretty easy – just about anyone can create one in a matter of minutes. But take a careful look at Roselynn’s blog. This is no two minute job – she invested both time and money to create a visually appealing portal that highlights her brand. You feel connected the minute the page loads. The site is inviting and makes you want to learn more about Roselynn. The lesson here is don’t just throw up a quick blog; take your time and build a portal that reflects your brand and makes visitors want to learn more about you.

A great blog is nothing without great content. During her cam shows, she builds a bond with her clients, and in turn, they want to maintain a connection with Roselynn between shows. Roselynn uses her blog to maintain that customer/cam girl relationship even when she’s offline. Roselynn updates her blog at least twice a week, which is what keeps clients engaged. And that is the secret sauce to cam girl success – customer retention.

A cam girl blog is also a great way to up sell additional products such as phone sex and video clips. Your goal is to leverage your blog as an online store for your own services, as well as third party products from affiliate programs.

But what about traffic? A great blog with quality content will go nowhere fast unless you get potential clients to visit your site. An effective traffic building campaign does not rely on a single source of visitors, but rather, employs a multi-honed strategy which encompasses the following elements:

1) Direct Marketing

Being an independent cam girl doesn’t mean you can’t also work for the big cam networks. In fact, a hybrid approach is often the preferred method of maximizing your income. Sites such as MyFreeCams and Chaterbate can be a great source of potential leads. Mention your website name while in free chat, or wear a t-shirt with your site name on it. The beauty of this strategy is that it works both ways; you can use your blog to drive traffic to your cam site profile.

2) Link Exchanges

Create a friends page and start trading traffic with other independent cam girls. Another great source of traffic are webcam blogs and portals such as Webcams411 and Webcam Sex News. You can even trade traffic with this blog. Point is, not only to trades lead to qualified leads, they also help increase your site popularity with Google, which is the best traffic source of all.

3) Social Media

Twitter and Facebook can also be great sources of traffic. Make sure that your blog is setup to automatically update your Twitter and Facebook feeds whenever you post new content. Being a cam girl, is after all, all about being social.

4) Video

When it comes to selling yourself as a cam girl, nothing is more effective than video. Roselynn has uploaded several videos to Youtube, which in turn drives traffic to her blog. When creating a video, remember that your goal is to sell yourself as a person. Yes, you’re pretty and you have an awesome body, but what men really want is to connect with you on a more personal and intimate level. Here’s an example of a great Youtube video that Roselynn created to introduce herself to new fans.

After watching this video, you get a real feel for Roselynn’s personality. You feel compelled to click on her link and find out more about her. That’s marketing gold. It’s all about establishing that first connection, and Roselynn does this very well.

So there you have it.  A sexy cam girl. A savvy business woman. A great cook. This girl has it all!

Make sure to drop by Roselynn’s blog at

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